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The Serious Search Tool

Install Able2Know.com Search Toolbar

A professional research toolbar

The Able2Know.com Toolbar is an advanced researcher's tool allowing you to search through dozens of search engines and online references. What sets Able2Know.com's Toolbar apart from others is that we do not restrict searches to one search engine, we search them all.

Click here to install Able2Know.com Toolbar

Our toolbar does more than search, here are some more features.


PopUp Blocker :: A powerful* PopUp Blocker that can be activated and deactivated to block all PopUps, allow all PopUps, or even block/allow for specific sites.

* Able2Know's Toolbar blocks more types of PopUps than many of the most popular PopUp blockers in existence.

Find Search Terms on Page :: You can press a button to jump to a search query on the page you are viewing saving you time and getting you to the information more quickly.

Highlight words :: Not only will the toolbar find search terms but it will highlight specific words for you on the page that you are viewing as well.

Zoom In/Zoom Out :: With our toolbar you can magnify the page you are viewing to any degree that you would like. If the text is too big or too small you can change it with a click!

View Information about Websites :: With the click of a button our toolbar can take you to websites showing information about the page you are viewing. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Go to the domain home page with the click of a button.
  • Go to a site where you can translate the page.
  • Check the traffic levels of the website, you don't have to guess if it is a popular or no-name website.
  • Check Whois information. You can see contact information for the domain owner and more.
  • Check link popularity. See how many sites pages link to the site from various search engines.
  • Tracert. Run a trace route to the domain's server.
  • Ping the domain, see it's responsiveness to a third location.
  • Check the domain's cache over the years, see what it looked like years ago.
  • Many more features are being considered. Check back soon.

Install Able2Know.com Toolbar

Searches :: Of course, the purpose of the toolbar is to be able to search the best resources online. Below you will find some of our currently available searches. We are constantly adding and improving to the research tools available through our toolbar.

Main search engines

  • Google :: Google is our default search engine. It is currently the best search engine online.
  • Yahoo :: Yahoo's search engine is new but is already a close second to Google.
  • MSN :: Microsoft has been planning a major entry into the search engine world and have been slowly getting ready to compete with Google and Yahoo..

Other main search engines

  • a9 :: From Amazon.com this is a search engine that combines Google Web results with Amazon book results as well as Alexa site data.
  • Ask Jeeves :: A "natural language" search engine that allows you to enter phrases and questions to search.
  • AlltheWeb :: A very popular search engine with good results from Yahoo's search index.
  • AltaVista :: One of the most popular search engines and it has been around a long time. It also uses Yahoo's index.
  • Teoma :: Owned by Ask Jeeves this search engine displays search term suggestions (stemming) based on what you search for as well as link collections based on the query.
  • Gigablast :: A new search engine written by a programmer that is the only main search engine with live spidering of submitted URLs. Has a smaller index than the search giants but is, nevertheless, impressive.
  • Wisenut :: This site offers stemming and sub categorization of queries as well as Looksmart results. Features Sneak-a-Peak, allowing you to preview the results within an inline frame.
  • Hotbot :: Allows advanced customization of skins and currently searches the Google and Ask Jeeves indexes.
  • Object Search :: A search engine focused on clustering.
  • Overture :: Overture serves Yahoo's paid results and searches here display Yahoo's index with Overture PPC listings.

Meta Search

Metasearch engines show results from multiple indexes. Our toolbar features many of these search engines for additional variety of algorithm and index depth for the professional researcher.


Directories are indexed by humans so their results are not as deep as search engines but the quality and categorization can be helpful.

  • Open Directory :: Dmoz is the largest directory online, edited by thousands of volunteers.
  • Yahoo :: One of the oldest, largest and most well know directories. Edited by Yahoo employees.
  • LookSmart :: A directory whose commercial topics are edited by LookSmart and the rest edited by volunteer Zeal editors.
  • Google Directory :: The Google directory is based on Dmoz (Open Directory) listings with Google Page Rank instead of alphabetic listings. Useful because Dmoz is often sluggish.
  • Able2Know.com Portal :: A smaller directory edited by Able2Know volunteers. Unique because content is often directly embedded within the directory.


Able2Know.com Toolbar features many academic reference searches. 

  • Encyclopedias :: Able2Know.com Toolbar features searches to the main encyclopedia resources online.
  • Dictionaries :: You can search through many dictionaries and lexicons as well as search engines that search multiple dictionaries.
  • Thesauri :: An online thesaurus is only bettered by a collection of them. With our toolbar you can search all the best thesauri online.
  • Time :: You can enter a location and see what time it is.
  • Movies :: Search the best movie databases online for movie reviews and more.
  • Recipes :: Search all the best recipe databases online.

Language Tools

In addition to the dictionaries and thesauri we feature other language references.

  • Specialized dictionaries such as a rhyme dictionary.
  • Word translation in addition to the page translation features.

Shopping Searches

Comparison shopping is made easy through multiple shopping search engines.


Search through all of the best news search engines covering thousands of publications.

Image Search

Search for images on the best image search engines online.

Forums, newsgroups and message boards

Search through user-submitted messages online.

Software and Downloads

Search the best software databases and download aggregators to find software online.


Enter a zip code and get maps.

Network Tools

  • Whois
  • Ping
  • Email Test
  • Abuse contact lookup

We are only in BETA (test) versions and we plan to add many more search resources so download and install the best research toolbar online now. To install, click the link below and select "open".

Install Able2Know.com Toolbar

Able2Know.com Toolbar features NO spyware and Able2Know.com does not collect a single bit of information from you using the toolbar.

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